This Month in FIA

The Power of One Praying Man
By R.G. Hardy
James 5:16 tells us the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much, but it is better translated prevails – utterly overcome all opposition! And no one illustrates better the power of just one man who knows how to pray, then Israel's prophet Elisha. Their military enemy, Syria, was outfoxed and frustrated because each time they strategized to attack Israel, the Israeli army was one step ahead of them. There seemed be a traitor giving Israel the inside scoop. But there was no traitor! What they planned in their war room, God whispered to Elisha in his prayer room!

The Syrian King suspended all warfare and sent his entire army to go find that one praying man, but when they found him, the Bible describes an angelic host of God's supernatural army who were surrounding the city, where that one praying man was resting peacefully in his house. You will enjoy this deeply spiritual, but nonetheless amusing account of divine reconnaissance released by the power of prayer. Read now.

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