This Month in FIA

The Parable of the Tares
By Sharon Hardy Knotts
In this sequel to The Parable of the Seed, Satan sows poisonous weeds among not the world or sinners — but among the Church and the children of God.These tares look exactly like wheat, and when their roots become entwined with the wheat, it is hard to separate the two. When fully grown, the wheat is brown, but the tares are black, and when its seeds are eaten by birds and beasts, they cause intoxication, vertigo, convulsions, and even death.

Unfortunately, it is why we sometimes have to put up with hypocrites, because if you try to uproot the weed, you may uproot a tender wheat plant too. We are called to preach the true gospel, the whole counsel of God, and leave the separating to Him. He knows the wheat from the weeds! Read now.

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