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Will the Real Christian Please Stand Up!
By Sharon Hardy Knotts
It's time for everyone who "names the name of the Lord to depart from iniquity"! If you're not living the life, stop lying and calling yourself a Christian. Get out of the church till you're ready to walk the talk!

It's time for "Christian celebrities" to lay down their titles and take up their towels of humility and wash the feet of the saints— serve the Body of Christ. It's time for the spiritual leaders who stand in God's "Holy Hill" — behind the pulpits and choir lofts, to lift up clean hands from pure hearts.

And it's time for us all to prepare ourselves against the fear of man and the increasing anti-Christian persecution that is being unleashed in our nation. This clarion call was delivered under a heavy, burning anointing and is a sin-blasting, demon- chasing, Satan-slamming word of the Lord that will stir your heart to take a stand for righteousness and be “the salt and light in the Earth” Jesus called us to be.

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Will The Real Christian Please Stand Up!

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