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Psalm 34: Facing & Erasing Fear
By Sharon Hardy Knotts
While preparing to preach, Sharon received a unique sign through a license plate which read PSLM34. This experience emboldened her to follow David's example of victory over distress, despair, and the desperate fear they can spawn.

Written from the cave of Adullam, David, Israel's heroic giant-slayer, was on the run from King Saul's jealous attempts to kill him. Fear drove him to seek refuge in Gath, Goliath's hometown. Hoping for mercy, he feigned insanity before the Phillistine king, Israel's arch enemy, and it worked. But it was a low place where his fears were magnified.

Preached from the cave of breast cancer diagnosis, Sharon expounds David's twofold deliverance: First, he called on the Lord, and was delivered from all his fears. Then he called on the Lord and was delivered from all his troubles. Because fear must be faced first!

Three Levels of Faith
By Sharon Hardy Knotts
Level 1: Believes when conditions are favorable & emotions are positive. But this is the weakest level, and can quickly turn into whiny faith when there comes a bump in the road.

Level 2: Believes when all feelings are absent, good or bad & there are no signs of activity, favorable or negative. Strong, steady, able to persevere when there is no visible change, it is waiting faith.

Level 3: Believes when circumstances, emotions & all outward signs are contrary. When all hope is lost, it is the highest level of faith that believes the report of the Lord. This is wonder-working faith. Find out what level your faith is and how you can increase it through the Biblical examples presented.

Psalm 34

God delivers us first from our fears–then from our troubles! He used a license plate to answer me!

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3 Levels of Faith

To believe when things are: 1. only favorable, wimpy faith 2. not positive nor negative, waiting faith 3. hopeless, winning faith.

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