Sermons by Sharon Hardy Knotts

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The Song of Faith

Faith not only speaks, it sings! Don't wait till the battle's over, sing now!

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Three Laws of Recompense

Answers why bad things happen to Christians, why evildoers seem to get by, and explains God's dealings with both.

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Four Scarlet Women in Jesus' Lineage

4 women in 74 generations of Jesus' line, all with sinful pasts, but whose sins became Snow White!

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"All that I am and all I that have, I give to You, Lord." When you say this to Him, He'll say,"Hi Neini" to you!

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At His Feet

Martha was named, but her sister was called Mary or Bitter. The broken are restored at the feet of the Master!

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Do Not Worry

If there were an 11th Commandment, this would be it. "Take no thought," Jesus said. Get rid of anxiety now!

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A Door of Hope... Trouble

The Valley of Achor where Achan was stoned became the valley of hope & a second chance.

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Strong Archers Straight Arrows

Psalm 127 uses the metaphor of archery to depict a father's influence over his children.

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The Dynamic Duo

You can have a powerful prayer life, because you have 2 powerful intercessors: The Holy Spirit & Your High Priest.

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God's Medicine

This inspiring recitation is a Healing Tool from God's Word. Faith cometh by hearing the Word of God (Romans 10:17).

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Shibboleth Sibboleth

Turn off the flow of negativism from your mouth & speak deliverance over your life.

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The Terror by Night

5 Things to do from Mark 4 when experiencing night terrors.Personal account of overcoming Satan's attacks of fear.

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David's lowest point! 10 strategies he used to recover all the enemy stole, after the worst day of his life.

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I Call Him Abba

Jesus called God His Father over 150 times, but when He faced His lowest place of desperation, He cried, "ABBA!"

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The Faith Jesus Marvelled

At the unbelief of His hometown & at the faith of a Gentile. Take your faith to the highest level!

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Public Sinner Number One

Paul claimed he was the "chief of sinners", but he became "the poster child for God's mercy."

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One Word From Jesus

When one word from Jesus is all you have, one word from the Sea-Walker is all you need! He won't let you sink!

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Will The Real Christian Please Stand Up!

It's time for everyone who "names the name of the Lord to depart from iniquity"!

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Walking in Healing by Love

When faith is not the problem, check your love walk.

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Six Pillars of Man's Creation

God created man on the 6th day, and Genesis defines 6 pillars which secure the family structure.

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Destroying the Works of the Devil

The thief is come to steal, kill & destroy, but Jesus came to destroy his works. Powerful Prayer of Deliverance!

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