Sermons by Sharon Hardy Knotts

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There's nothing wrong with your faith! Nor do you need more God-power against satanic power, because Authority Trumps Power!

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Share the Gopel with the unsaved & reach out to backsliders with God's Word wrapped in Love.

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Uprooting the Root of Bitterness

This one thing defiles many
Christians & destroys the purposes of God in lives & the Body of Christ.

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Will the Real God Please Stand Up!

Allah, the god of Islam & Jehovah, the God of the Bible are NOT the same! Be informed!

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Spiritual Leprosy

A "How To/Hands On" manual for exposing and evicting evil from the Christian home that opens the door to the demonic.

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You've Got Mail... Heaven Online

"Heaven Online" is the divine connection to e-ternal blessing! Log on today!

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I'm Wonderful & Marvellous!

Before you were conceived, God knew you & has a plan for you, even if you've made mistakes.

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Plead Your Case

Learn how to "plead your case" to the Divine Judge of Heaven, citing the unbreakable "precedents" of His changeless Word!

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How to Measure the Love of God

This evangelistic style message teaches how God's love can be measured by John 3:16.

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The Three Crosses of Calvary

The plan of salvation, the fate of the rebellious & a passionate call to repentance.

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When God Turns it Around

Learn how to see your detours & delays as divine turn-arounds! God works out the difficulties!

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Beyond Prosperity

From a balanced diet to balanced doctrine, great insight to true blessings, exposes faulty teaching of prosperity gospel.

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Sent to the Broken-Hearted

Highlighting the lovely compassion of Jesus & His mission to heal the wounded in spirit.

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Songs in the Night

Some miracles only happen at midnight! There's nothing sweeter than when God sings to you in the dark.

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Nail it to the Cross

The Cross is greater than the Curse! Every sin, addiction, & sickness are nailed to the cursed tree & you're free!

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When Deep Leaps

David described an awesome communion of Spirit to spirit. Your deep will leap at the sound of the anointed Word of God!

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10 Ways to Overcome Temptation

James 4: Overcome the temptations of the flesh, the emotions & satanic attacks.

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Make Room for Your Miracle

Go beyond a visitation from God to become His habitation!

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The Way to Paradise

Cherubim guarded Eden & the Temple veil till Jesus died & opened the way to the Tree of Life!

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The Two Thieves

The Gospel that saves some hardens others: One thief died on the Cross of Rebellion & one on the Cross of Repentance.

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Joel Jeune Testimony

Heartwarming recollections of Haitian pastors Doris & Joel Jeune of their introduction to this Ministry over 40 years ago.

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