Sermons by R.G. Hardy

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Marked for a Miracle

Ezekiel 9 gives a behind the scenes look at why God marks some for special deliverance.

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The Christian's Adoption

Learn about the rights and priviledges of being being adopted into the Family of God as co-heirs with Christ.

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The Unpardonable Sin

The sins of Hebrews 6&10 confuse many, but these could not even be committed after 70 AD.

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Four battles of a christian

Sin, World, Flesh & Self are inescapable challenges every believer must win.

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The gifts of the spirit

Revelatory, solid teaching on the "Charismata": portions of grace & their operations.

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The Gift of Tongues

Why this gift is for you & why Satan fights so hard against it! How this gift operates for the believer & to the Church.

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Christ Your Healer

God's will is to heal all. Before He died for our sins on the cross, Jesus paid for our healing at the whipping post.

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The Spirit

Facts about the human soul & spirit, God's makeup, the Holy Spirit, angels,demons & glorified body of the saints.

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Footsteps of Abraham's Faith

He's "the father of faith." We are to walk in his footsteps.Discover the faith that changed history!

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The Rapture Riddle

Who, When, Where, How? The event of the "Blessed Hope" of the saints.Do you qualify for the catching up?

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Dynamite Power

Jesus was anointed with a double anointing: The Holy Ghost & power. We too are endued with this "dunamis" power.

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Making the Faith Connection

Suffering 12 yrs., broke, no hope, she touched Jesus' garment & the rest is Bible history!

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Prevailing Power of Prayer:
Volumes I & II

Examines the Lord's Prayer: How to pray, what to pray & what not to pray. 4 CDs.

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The Gideon Series

A true test of leadership in the face of impossible odds. But first idols must be torn down & altars of true worship built.

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Freedom From Demons

This devil-chasing sermon deals with fear & oppression.

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Dominion Power

Based on Paul's prayer of Ephesians for the believer to be armed & battle ready. Explosive!

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Dominion Prayer Dominion Armor

Expounding the whole armor of God with a focus on the arsenal of effectual prayer.

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Two Shall Be One

Practical counsel from Scripture for any getting married, in marital trouble, or wanting to enrich a good marriage.

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Peace Shalom

The pervasive principle that governs God's kingdom. The active presence of God that brings wholeness to spirit, soul & body.

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Judgment of America

Powerful prophecy warning of God's wrath to be poured out upon the nation spoken in 1967.

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The Answered Prayer Series

Double Set: Five Conditions of Answered Prayer & The Power of One Praying Man.

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