Sermons by R.G. Hardy

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One More Time!

Samson leaked out of the Spirit. He shook himself as before, but the Shaker was gone! Warning to stay filled with the Spirit!

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The Name Above All Names

Reveals the majesty, mystery & scope of Christ's ministry thru His titles & names.

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Sin's I.O.U.s Paid
in Full

Animal sacrifices could not free the sinner from the power of sin. Only Jesus' sinless blood!

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Heirs of GoD

We are begotten & adopted into God's family! We cry, "Abba Father." Discover your inheritance.

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The Mark

Addresses the much speculation about the Antichrist & his mark. What will happen if you take his mark?

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Give No Place to the Devil

Stop giving Satan entry points into your life! We are not ignorant of his devices.

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Build Again the Altars

As in Elijah's day, altars of righteousness are removed & false religions imported. Where are God's 7000?

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Opening Up the Flood Gates

True Biblical prosperity & how you can receive backed-up blessings thru obedience.

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Three Foolish Lovers

Lovers of Self, Money & Pleasures: Greedy, Coveteous & Lustful. Biblical warning.

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